Sakata 3D Filaments presents the new family RE-HR870 and RE-850.

These new materials are manufactured through the recovery of our production material, therefore we ensure the rigorous quality and characteristics of both the INGEO 3D850 and the INGEO 870.

Each manufacturing batch has its uniform and peculiar tone derived from the mixture of filaments of various colors, which makes it ideal for prototypes, models or cosplay for example. It can be sanded and painted easily and without the need for priming.

But this filament with ecological soul is not limited to its recovery, the whole process from the pellets to the final product are respectful with the environment.

From the box of raw recycled cardboard without printing, the labels with ecological and non-toxic inks up to the reel made with recycled plastics.

The result is a filament of extraordinary quality, unique and that contributes to the care of our planet.