About Us

SAKATA3D is a commercial brand belonging to “POLIMERSIA GLOBAL S.L.”, a company specialised in the manufacture of 3D printer filaments, which proactively offers innovative vision and improved solutions to suit the needs of a growing and constantly evolving business, with a great future ahead.

After some time and close collaboration with our main clients, “SAKATA3D” has acquired the knowledge necessary to establish itself as one of the global technological leaders in this industry. Innovation being one of the founding pillars of the company, SAKATA3D started a new business division, becoming a pioneering factory in Spain in the manufacture of 3D printing filaments. The company has a production centre in Granada (Spain), from where it distributes its filament range globally. With its team of product development experts and cutting-edge technology, SAKATA3D has become, in a short span of time, a global reference in the 3D printer filament market, satisfying the specific needs of its clients, offering:

  • Top-end products.
  • Swift deliveries.
  • Very competitive prices in the market.
  • Quality service, both personalised and efficient.